Page Turn

Because there's always another page in your story.


Page Turn began as a celebration of the writing and publishing community. It was born of a longing to infuse hope and encouragement into literary creatives and the sphere of people who surround and support them. 

Being a creative of any sort means putting your work -- your dreams -- out there to be rejected by others. As a literary agent immersed in the business side of creativity, I saw that rejection, I heard that rejection, I felt that rejection. Daily. 

And yet ...we keep dreaming. We keep doing. We keep turning the page.

That's where Page Turn started: as a desire to bring hopeful products to bookish people. 

But the vision quickly expanded. Because it's not only literary creatives who face rejection. It's not just writers who need to be reminded to keep following their dreams. It's everyone. Sometimes (oftentimes!) we all need a reminder to keep turning those pages. To keep pursuing the next chapter, to pressing on toward the next plot twist.

So now, instead of hopeful products for bookish people, I like to think of Page Turn as bookish products for hopeful people. Fun stuff with meaningful messages ... for people who happen to like books.

(Plus, encouragement-based edits for those who, you know, are literally writing books!)    

Whoever you are, and whatever brings you to Page Turn, I hope you find something to smile about here. I think your story is worth celebrating. And it's definitely worth seeing what's on the next page.