Editorial Services

Like most people in publishing, I grew up surrounded by stacks of library books and buried in notebooks full of stories and doodles. After doing stints in the marketing, non-profit, and education sectors, I finally settled back into what I've always loved--books!--and became a literary agent representing children's books. That experience led me to my current role as a freelance editor. 

As an agent, I helped my clients polish their manuscripts and establish deals with Big Five publishers and high-quality independent publishers alike (Hachette, Macmillan, PageStreet, etc.). I love working on both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, and I use my unique background in marketing and literature to help authors find their niche in the business of children's books. 

I usually take a hybrid approach to editing, where I correct line items while also reading for big picture elements of plot, characterization, voice, and theme. Specifically, I like to focus authors on the elements that are most likely to increase salability, including:

* Concept and hook (Grab your readers' attention!)
* First pages (Those make-it-or-break-it first glimpses) 
* Voice (Nail the author + character + audience equation) 
* Pacing (Don't get stuck in a TBR pile!) 
* Ending (Not necessarily a HEA, but always a satisfied reader) 
* Market placement (Comps and positioning) 

Overall, my goal in editing is to help bring a bit of objectivity into a very subjective business. 

When not reading or working, you can probably find me swimming, paddle boarding, jogging, or biking. My two favorite spots on earth are my backyard (we have dolphin and manatee visitors!) and Walt Disney World (magic never gets old!). I live near the beach with my husband and four school-aged sons (who are also growing up surrounded by stacks of library books and notebooks). 

I'm happy to schedule consultations or edits in the following areas. Please use the contact form below, and I'll get in touch with you about pricing and availability.

Query Letter Edit

Your query letter is your book's first impression. And we all know you only get one chance at a first impression! Make sure your query letter shines! I'll give written feedback on your hook, pitch, positioning, and more. 

Pricing: $75

First 10 Pages

The first ten pages are your best chance to pique an agent's or editor's interest. If those first ten are doing their job, they should lead to a request for more pages! I'll provide written feedback on your opening line, characterization, hook, pacing, and overall concept. 

Pricing: $175

First 50 Pages

By the end of the first fifty pages, an agent or editor usually knows whether or not they want to invest more time into your project. (As my clients know, I really emphasize the importance of the first fifty!) I'll provide written feedback about the hook, pacing, characters, voice, readability, etc.

Pricing: $450

Full Manuscript - Novel

Comprehensive in-text feedback on the entire manuscript, including plot arc, subplots, character arcs, theme, and more. Line edits available for additional charge.

Pricing: $.03 - $.06 per word; contact for quote.

Full Manuscript - Picture Book

Comprehensive in-text feedback on an entire picture book text or dummy. 

Pricing: $200 - $450; contact for quote

Phone Consultation

Let's chat! Phone consultations can be scheduled either with or without edits. Brainstorming, clarification on edits, marketability -- you name it! Just give me a heads up on what you'd like to talk about so I can prepare to use our time wisely.

Pricing: 15 min, $30 / 30 min, $60 / 60 min, $120

Contract Consult

Got an offer of representation or publication? Hooray!

If you're not sure about the contract legalese, I'll be glad to look it over on a clause-by-clause basis before you sign on the dotted line. 

Pricing: $40 - $100, depending on page count



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